Friday, April 03, 2009

IE 8 apparently still the CO2 of the internet

So the reports of real world testing of IE8 are starting to come in and they are not good. Looks like many features are still missing that the greater web community would like to be using, but cannot because IE does not support them. To add insult to injury they broke many of the hacks to get around the fact.

There is a slight glimmer of hope with rumors of IE switching to WebKit in the near future. That would be a great benefit to the web. Though I am not sure even WebKit can survive Microsofts obsession with reverse compatibility.

How do I ad something on my mac

This tip over at is a great tip for many new users of a Mac. If you are having trouble finding the new button just add it instead!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cleaning your Mighty Mouse

Cleaning your Mighty Mouse
Eventually, all good things come to an end. In this case, its your skin cells. Periodically, the scroll ball on your Mighty Mouse can get clogged with the oil and dead skin from your fingers and stop working.

This is a great tip, was about to pay for a new Mighty Mouse before I found this.